Mission 2 & 3: External consultant plugging to the Steelcase ARC – Applied Research and Consulting – team, participation in phases of observation and collection of cultural data, user workshops, data analysis, conceptualization of innovative workspaces and business and design recommendations. 2012 – 2013

Mission 1: Click on the image to find out about the special edition of 360º with some of the work (pattern recognition, behavioral trends, workplace cultural code) I have conducted for Steelcase. 2012

→ Zayed University, University of Geneva, UCLA | Urban Future — The Case of Abu Dhabi. This scientific workshop organized for students of ZU, the University of Geneva (UNIGE) and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) introduced participants to the case study of Abu Dhabi and its particular issues of sustainability. 2011

→ CIID | External consultant for a study on delivery practices.

→ Masdar City | YouGov study: Environmental Understanding in the UAE. For a glimpse of my involvement at Masdar, read this text: “Masdar Takes a Pulse” in Volume 23 (special edition): Almanakh 2 (The Netherlands: Stiching Archis, 2010); p. 244-245 and Masdar City, la ville verte au pays de l’or noir.

→ ReD Associates | As part of the Copenhagen team, delivered consumer research and ethnographic fieldwork for a management consultancy specialized in people-centric business improvement to solve problems and create evidence-based innovation in strategy, products, services, sales and marketing. Exemples of studies:

  • Devices for emergent markets.
  • Digital home environment.
  • Social networking and friendship.


→ DiMo — Digital Mobility | Wenthworth Institute of Technology
→ You will find the neo-nomad’s videos on Vimeo!
Teaching set of photographs — academic engagement and students’ work.

→ Photographs and illustrations of Work | Travaux — samples of art, design and else.
→ When at MSA, I worked on the Springfield Federal Courthouse.


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